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Born into the Adelaide hardcore scene in 2004, Cry Murder are fast becoming one of the most talked about up and coming outfits in Australia today. Despite the amassing amount of new bands appearing at present, Cry Murder stand alone with a serious approach to creating a sound that will without a doubt, see them reach their ultimate goals.

Opening with their first show alongside Day of Contempt, I Killed the Prom Queen and Parkway Drive, it wasnt long before Cry Murder garnered enough respect to support international acts such as Bleeding Through, Shai Hulud and Most Precious Blood. With a sound reminiscent of Killswitch Engage, God Forbid and Hatebreed, it is becoming increasingly evident that Cry Murder is one of the heaviest acts around. A combination of euro-metal sounds and groove driven hardcore elements, tied together by a live show that will live up to all expectations, underlies the heart of Cry Murder.

With a three track demo behind them, this 5-piece are set to explode with the release of their debut EP on Sydney based Resist Records, well known for contributing to the success of other Australian bands such as I Killed the Prom Queen , Shot Point Blank, Day of Contempt and Parkway Drive. Opportunities like these dont come everyday, but neither do bands who posses as much drive and determination as this outfit.

As they look forward to a long future, Cry Murder is no exception to the fact that Adelaide has, and will continue to produce some the most hardworking, successful bands in the country.